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Taylor's Bio

The Men of Crooked Bend Series is my first published series and those Redfeather men will always have a special place in my heart. It was incredibly difficult to let those men go. It was originally supposed to be a trilogy but it ended up as an eleven-book series. In the Men of Crooked Bend series, you get to know the cowboys and other men of Wild Creek Ranch in Crooked Bend, Wyoming (a totally fictitious town). The series is set in the foothills of the Grand Teton Mountains, a place I fell in love with as a teenager.


Sulfur Springs is a closely related spin-off series to the Men of Crooked Bend. In it you leave Wild Creek Ranch and go to the little neighbor town of Sulfur Springs and meet the sexy men of the Sulfur Springs Fire Depart, the sheriff's department, as well as quite a few US Marshals. You see some familiar faces but you also meet some very new ones. It’s a complete series and has nine books to round off that world in a twenty-book world.


I love to read, it’s always been one of my favorite things to do since I can remember. When I started writing, I couldn't decide if I wanted to write contemporary or paranormal as I love both. I chose contemporary but still, paranormal was talking to me and those darn shifters kept saying, “tell our story, it’ll be fun.” So I did. And it was. That’s how I started what’s turned into Edison’s world. lol

It starts with the bears of the Honey Creek Den series. Honey Creek is another totally fictitious town set on Flathead Lake (a real place) in Montana. I've never been there, but hope to get there at some point. Honey Creek Den is finished with the planned six books. The Timber Valley Wolf Pack is the second series in that world and is also finished with six books. After the bears and wolves, I of course needed to give you Edison and his warlocks! The Warlocks of Amherst Series takes us away from the den and pack and we get to travel to Amherst, Massachusetts for some fun. The Vampires of the Beloved Gem follow Master Nikolai and his wayward vampires as they float up and down the Mississippi River in their riverboat casino. The Paranormal Council Enforcers is where we’ve ended up, and it is my current series. We’re meeting all kinds of enforcers who are busy dealing with evil while trying to win the affections of their fated mates.


When I'm not busy drinking coffee and writing about warlocks, vampires, wolves, or dragons (to name just a few), I like to read (who doesn't?). Because of my limited free time, I’m fond of short stories and novellas. I can be found on Amazon, Book Bub, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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