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Jase Keller took life one day at a time. As a deputy sheriff, his schedule fluctuated weekly and he never knew when he’d be home. But when his grandmother needed his help, he didn’t hesitate in stepping up. After all, she had done that very thing when his own mother had abandoned him as an infant. Caring for his grandmother was one thing, but taking on her unwieldy Great Dane, Moose, was another thing entirely.

Ezra Howell was through with men. The good ones were taken, and the available ones treated him like crud. He was working on getting his life in order when Deputy Delicious suddenly showed up at the clinic with Ms. Jo’s sick dog. Ezra has his suspicions and can’t get over the idea that Jase is to blame.

The attraction is there, but they’re as opposite as night and day. Can they move past their differences and accept their mutual desire?

Accepting My Desire is the eighth book in the Sulfur Springs series. This is a Men of Crooked Bend spin-off and takes you off of the ranch and into the lives of those in Sulfur Springs. While each book will focus on a different couple, you should read them in order for the most enjoyment. Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults over 18.

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