Timber Valley’s Alpha never expected to find his fated mate. Forest didn’t even know if he wanted one because a mate would only complicate things and he was certain he’d disappoint any mate ever given him anyway. There were certain things about him that nobody in his pack knew and he was happy keeping it that way. Wasn’t he? Then why did he long for what his neighbors in the den have? He was happy being the fire chief, right?


Aspen unexpectedly fled from the only home he’d ever known, only to be thrust into a world much bigger than he knew existed. Until he left Kodiak Island with his childhood friend and his mate, he never knew warlocks existed. Not only that, but most of the members of his new den were mated to other species, something that he didn’t realize could happen.

A trip to the wolf pack with his new best friend alters Aspen’s future when he finds his mate. But is Forest happy to have found him? The hunky alpha certainly does things to Aspen’s body, but why doesn’t he seem eager to claim him? Is it because he’s not a wolf?


Will these two ever figure things out? Forest knows after scenting his mate that he wants him, more than anything. But is Aspen willing to do things a little differently?


Forest’s Hope is the first book in the Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series, which is a Honey Creek Den spin off. Since the stories are so closely related and overlap, it is recommended that you read the Honey Creek Den series first. Each book contains a fated mate pair, Mpreg, lots of knotting during howly sexy times, and babies. Did I mention babies and pregnant omegas? Just like the bears, these alphas will do anything for their mates, just read and see. The Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series is meant to be read in order, and these books aren’t considered standalones, even though each book focuses on a different couple. This book is intended for adults only as these shifters tend to get growly and don’t watch their language.

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