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Travis Thompson’s past haunts him. When an assignment went bad, fate was a cruel beast and took the man he thought he’d spend forever with. Now he has to live with the guilt that he couldn’t save the man he loved. A year later, when their team loses another member, he’s finished and knows it’s time to move on. But where does that leave him?

Alejandro Lopez has been hardened by life. He lost his family because of who he is, and he’s never fully been able to accept that. He’s used that resentment toward his parents to ensure he’s succeeded at everything he’s done since. But the only thing he’s failed at is love. He can’t seem to get that right.

Can a man with guilt that runs so deep it shuts him down at times ever let another in? Can a man that can’t quite let someone in for fear of rejection be the one to heal him?

Healing My Amor is the sixth book in the Sulfur Springs series. This is a Men of Crooked Bend spin-off and takes you off of the ranch and into the lives of those in Sulfur Springs. While each book will focus on a different couple, you should read them in order for the most enjoyment. Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults over 18.

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