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Jacob always wanted three things. To find the man of his dream, have a family, and be the sheriff of a quiet little town. When he not only fell in love with Isaac, but his son Mack, too, he thought his life was finally complete. But was it?

Isaac adores his son Mack. Some days more than others. But when his husband starts hinting at wanting another baby, is Isaac ready to go through that again? He has to remember that he’s no longer a single parent and he never intended for Mack to be an only child. But he has one stipulation.

Jacob and Isaac already have an active toddler. That means they’re pros at this baby thing, right? Really, how much trouble can one three-year-old and a newborn be?

Jacob’s Joy is NOT a standalone. It is the ninth in the Crooked Bend series that must be read after the previous books in the series. Each book in this series contains sexually explicit material between men in committed relationships and is intended for adults over 18.

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