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What do you do when you meet your fated mate too soon?

Jude believes that fate was what brought him to Timber Valley over a decade ago. And although it’s taken twelve years for him to scent his mate, he wonders if there was a mistake since his mate doesn’t seem to notice him. When he discovers the young fox isn’t yet of mating age, he goes back to waiting. Again.  

Finn’s life was ideal—and then it wasn’t. Suddenly he and his parents, along with his twin brother, are forced from their home, running for their lives. When they finally arrive at a safe haven a year later, he learns not only more about himself, but his family and others as well.  

Just as things get comfortable, Finn’s fox is suddenly drawn to Timber Valley, and he follows his instincts. When the gorgeous alpha with the mesmerizing eyes and enchanting smile calls him mate, Finn wonders if fate got things wrong.

Jude’s Whisper is the fifth book in the Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series. Because of the continuing story line, these are best read in order. Each book focuses on a different couple, but the backstory is ongoing. This book is intended for adults only as each book contains a fated mate pair, Mpreg, knotting during howly sexy times, and babies. These alphas will do anything for their mates—just read and see.

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