Jules knows that as an alpha he must fight against those that set out to hurt others. But he’s tired and it’s been well over a year since he’s seen his family. He doesn’t even know if they were able to escape from their old den’s alpha and flee to safety. He can only hope that the fates were on their side.

Orin has only ever wanted two things. A mate and cubs of his own. He’s the last unmated member of his den and sadly, there’s no mate in sight or scent. He loves playing with all of the babies in the den but at times, it hurts to see so many and he doesn’t yet have that.

Jules quickly realizes that only the fates could be responsible for leading their party to Honey Creek when not only he scents his mate, but the other alpha that has been traveling with their group does as well. But will Jules and Orin finally get the family they both so desperately deserve or will they be torn apart by those that they’ve fled from and fought before?

Jules’s Serenity is book six in the Honey Creek Den Series. Each book contains a fated mate pair, Mpreg, knotting during growly sexy times, and babies. These alphas will do anything for their mates, just read and see. The Honey Creek Den Series is a continuing story line and is meant to be read in order as these books are not considered standalones, even though each book focuses on a different couple. This book is intended for adults only as these shifters tend to get growly and don’t watch their language.

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