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Life wasn’t easy. It didn’t always turn out how you planned, either. Still, Logan wouldn’t trade his current life for anything. He had a wonderful family, a loving husband he’d do anything for, and they had just become parents to twins. What more could they want?

So much had changed in the last two years but Rhett couldn’t be happier. He had an amazing husband, they had two beautiful babies, and the best support system any new parents could ask for. Things would be okay, right?

Take a peek into Logan and Rhett’s life after they bring their twins home. Can they handle the pressures new parents face? Will they accept the help that’s so readily offered by the rest of the family?

Logan’s Loves is NOT a standalone. It is the eight book in the Crooked Bend series that must be read after the previous books in the series. Each book in this series contains sexually explicit material between men in committed relationships and is intended for adults over 18.

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