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Lions and tigers and bears…no, wait. Let’s try that again.

Engagements and weddings and babies, oh my. Wait? Babies? Who said anything about babies? Are you sure?

You read along as they fell in love, now join them one last time as they settle into this crazy, hectic thing called life. What happens after the first responders of Sulfur Springs fall in love?

Revisit each couple in a quick little follow-up that promises love, laughter, and yes, even a baby. But which couple is it? Find out in Love My Sulfur Springs.

Love My Sulfur Springs is the ninth book in the Sulfur Springs series. This one isn’t a standalone as it gives you various length snippets of the eight couples from the Sulfur Springs series. As always, expect low angst, lots of love, & shenanigans.

Love My Sulfur Springs is 68,000 words in length and is best read after reading the previous books in the series. 

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