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It’s that time of year again and the sleepy little town of Crooked Bend is preparing for their Christmas celebration. There are secrets and surprises, misunderstandings, and makeup sex. Oh, and let’s not forget a certain sexy sheriff who’s taken to carrying fish shaped crackers around with him.


But this year you also get: committed couples, new babies, planned tropical vacations, sexy silver foxes, and a huge family.

Join the Redfeather family as they come together to celebrate the holidays the only way they know how to. With pure chaos when they get together. They’re growing in numbers and there are a lot of changes going on at Wild Creek. Are you ready to catch up with the Redfeather family?

My Christmas, My Crooked Bend is the seventh book in the Crooked Bend series. It is NOT a standalone and should be read after the first six books in the series. This book focuses more on family than it does the actual holiday of Christmas. It takes place in the two weeks before and leading up to Christmas Eve. Each section can be anywhere in that timeline.

Each book contains sexually explicit material between men in committed relationships and is intended for adults over 18.

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