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Love is in the air on Wild Creek Ranch, but will things work out with yet another winter storm closing in on Crooked Bend?


Simon and Sean are celebrating their second Valentine’s Day together and both have big plans. The storm on the way is perfect for repeating last year’s Valentine’s Day, but Simon has other plans.


Jasper and Liam have standing reservations at their favorite ski lodge in Jackson. But will they spend the day on the slopes or in the hot tub?


It’s Logan and Rhett’s first Valentine’s Day together and they’re still on a high from the honeymoon they returned from three weeks ago. They couldn’t possibly get up to more shenanigans, could they?


Graham and Ty are finally officially a couple. After hiding for two years, they are spending their first Valentine’s Day out as a couple. Ty plans on doing what they have for the past couple years, but Graham has different plans for his sexy cowboy.


My Love, My Valentine is the fifth book in the Men of Crooked Bend Series. It needs to be read after the fourth book, as it isn’t a standalone Each book contains sexually explicit couples in a committed relationship. This book is intended for adults over 18.

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