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The only thing Tyler Kirkwood ever wanted in life was to be loved openly. But yet what he got was another man who is deep in the closet. So he did the only thing he could to try and save his heart, he left.


Graham Redfeather has only ever loved one man in his life, Tyler Kirkwood. But yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t quite come out of the closet, even for the man he loved. The issue was his own, for he knew he would be readily accepted by his family. After Ty leaves, Graham realizes just what he had and decides to win the man he loves back.


But when a man from Tyler’s past reappears and tries to get reacquainted with Tyler, Graham knows something isn’t adding up. Did Graham blow his chances? Was it too late? Will Tyler choose Graham and their love, or will he choose to return home to Montana and his legacy? Where does his loyalty lie?


My Truth, My Future is the fourth book in the Men of Crooked Bend series. Each book in the series will focus on a different couple but will be better enjoyed as a series as the couples all make appearances in each book. Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults over 18.

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