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Fate knows what they’re doing, right?

Warlock Cornelius is almost three hundred and is tired of being alone. When help is needed at a wolf pack out west, he’s quick to go—hopeful he will find his One there.

Matthew is in awe about being in the human realm. Things are so very different than the fae realm he’s from. He was sent to Timber Valley, being told his mate was there, and he’s excited to meet his own sexy shifter. Only his mate isn’t a shifter…

Warlocks and Fae don’t mate with each other. They have an ongoing feud that dates back well over a millennium; to the original warlock and fae. Did fate mix things up?

Cornelius is the first book in the Warlocks of Amherst series. Each book will focus on a different couple and can be read as standalones but previous couples will make appearances in future books. This book is intended for adults only as it contains a fated mate pair and plenty of magical sexy times that leads to male pregnancy as this is an MPREG story.

Cornelius:Warlocks of Amherst Book One

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