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Trace Rivers only ever wanted to be one thing when he grew up, a firefighter. Luckily for him, he has four older brothers that wanted to be ranchers like their father. His parents were okay with their youngest being a firefighter, they just wish he didn’t feel the need to do so in a completely different state. Wanting to get away from the overbearingness that his family could be, he decided to accept a job in Sulfur Springs Wyoming.

Hawke Knotts life is a lie. His entire life, he grew up believing Denver was his brother. Oh how wrong he was. At the insistence of a close friend, Denver comes clean about just who he is because after a manipulative ex-girlfriend drove Hawke away from their home, he fears he may lose him forever. Can Hawke ever forgive Denver for deceiving him?

When one of Hawke’s high school friends suggests he swing by the firehouse to say hi, little does he know that the probie is about to introduce him to Lieutenant Trace Rivers, his direct boss. Never before has Hawke been so enamored with a man at first sight. Not even his boss’ husband, Logan. But will Trace and Hawke be able to see where their mutual attraction goes? Or will a vengeful arsonist destroy their developing romance? Can Trace rescue Hawke in time when his life is put in danger?

Rescuing My Angel is the second book in the Sulfur Springs series. This is a Men of Crooked Bend spin off, but it isn’t a requirement that you read that series to enjoy this one. Familiar faces will be seen, but this series takes you off of the ranch and into the lives of those in Sulfur Springs. While each book focus’ on a different couple and may be read as a standalone, you will receive maximum enjoyment reading them in order. Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults over 18.

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