Tucker had been many things in his long life, but never what he and his wolf wanted most—mate and father. When a group of refugees shows up at the nearby den seeking sanctuary from a deranged alpha, Tucker never expected to scent his mate. His hopes are quickly doused when he discovers his mate isn’t yet of age and shows no signs of even knowing he exists. So he does what he’s done for over a century. He waits.

Flynn lived a happy yet sheltered life until suddenly it’s turned upside down and they’re forced to flee from their home. In a trek that takes over a year, Flynn realizes that there’s a whole new world outside of the small town he grew up in.

He’d always been told to trust his fox, but his inquisitive nature has gotten him and his brother into trouble on multiple occasions. Will it now, when the pull to Timber Valley is so strong?

Tucker’s Trouble is the fourth book in the Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series. Because of the continuing story line, these are best read in order. Each book focuses on a different couple, but the backstory is ongoing. This book is intended for adults only as each book contains a fated mate pair, Mpreg, knotting during howly sexy times, and babies. These alphas will do anything for their mates—just read and see.

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